Café de México

Since I am an extreme lover of coffee, I felt that it was a necessity to find a local store that specializes in coffee to buy some beans to bring back to Michigan.  About a block from el mercado, I found this cafetería called “La Casita” and bought un kilo y media de café por $59 (pesos).


I can’t wait to try the café that I bought: from right here in Oaxaca!

Freshly ground coffee beans.

La Casita only sold miel (honey) and café (coffee).

The owner weighing the coffee.  I asked him where it was from, and he responded, “De la región de Pluma.  3 horas de aquí” (from the Pluma region, three hours from here).  I love purchasing from locals (no matter if I’m in México or the US) who know where their goods come from.

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