Cafecito: My Puerto Starbucks

When arriving in Mexico, my Starbucks habit died hard.  Since there isn’t a Starbucks anywhere near where I’m at, it’s been a month since I’ve gotten that Caramel Frappuchino or Americano fix.  Luckily, I’ve been able to find some great cafes in Puerto.  At first, I found a cafe called Casa Choc, but with my luck they closed indefinitely as soon as I got addicted.  Not to worry, because I discovered Cafecito which is actually even better.  There’s nothing like an afternoon of drinking coffee or tea, eating an ensalada de fruta, attempting to read in Spanish, and updating my blog with my recent adventures.  Pictured above are some of the pastries and breads sold at Cafecito.

Sippin’ on té helado de manzana y canela (iced apple cinnamon tea) while updating my blog.

Café y fruta: my two favorite things.

In case you were wondering what the logo looks like, here it is.

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