Carri Lovin’

Monday through Friday, I spend my mornings in los Centros de Salud and my afternoons in mis clases de español.  What do I do after?  Beach beach and more beach.  Sometimes I sleep, sometimes I eat copious amounts of tropical fruits (they’re so cheap and delicious), and then I usually sleep some more [tropical fruit induced food coma].  I also like to read Vogue and Elle in Spanish to try to improve my vocabulary, but that usually just results in me being more sleepy and I really only learn one new word…if I’m lucky.  Since Playa Carrizalillo is directly between my house and the language school, I make a trip there usually at least once a day.  There are 100 stairs to climb up on the way home, but Carri is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to so it’s 100% worth the minor asthma attacks.  Above is the view of Carri from the top of the stairs.

Ran into this here cangrejo on the way down the stairs.  Only missing one toe, no worries.

Storms a brewin’ (I think the dark clouds were behind me…)

This was my attempt at getting a picture of the rain.  Conclusion: the  iPhone 5 better have a nicer camera.

Pouring and sunny.  Another attempt to capture a beautiful moment, killed by the iPhone.

Fresh mango and piña.  The BEST ensalada de fruta.

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