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Kinder Eggs Never Get Old

[Note:  This post should have actually been before "First Night in Puerto" hahahah OOPS]

Since I had a 24-hour layover in Mexico City, I stayed in the Hilton Hotel inside the airport.  Luckily there was a Starbucks right at the bottom of the hotel, so I could get some caffeine to keep me awake.  I ordered a grande caramel frappuccino light with sugar free caramel (frozen drink) and ending up actually getting a caramel macchiato (hot drink).  Clearly I’m really good at Spanish.  Anyways, since I’m always nervous I’m going to be late, I left my hotel around 10 for a 1 o’clock flight.  Needless to say, I was about 2 hours early to the terminal even though I had to take a 20-minute shuttle to get there, make it through security, and try to find my way around the airport only speaking Spanish.

Another note on security:  when passing through security my second day at the Mexico City airport (they check your bags when you leave and when you enter), they found my giant pair of scissors from school in my backpack.  I had no idea they were in there, but I made it through 2 previous security checks without being caught.  Nice job America…letting me carry weapons on the plane.

When you’re two hours early for your flight, what are you going to do?  Well I just buy Kinder Eggs and a Mexican Vogue of course.  And after that, try to study up on some Spanish Starbucks lingo so that I don’t botch up my order again.  For those of you who don’t know what Kinder Eggs are, I will bring you one because you need to know.  Basically, it’s a chocolate egg with a toy on the inside.  Might sound lame, but I promise it’s exciting.  Well…they’re getting a little less exciting than they used to be, but I like to think that’s because the toys are getting worse and not because I’m getting older.

The toy I got in Mexico City was pretty pathetic.  A green piece of paper?  No… it’s actually a blow-up frog.  What am I supposed to do with this?!

After killing 2 hours doing nothing, I got on the plane.  There were 6 of us total.  So many empty seats!  On the flight to Puerto, I saw my first volcano.

I also made my first friends from Australia!  A couple from Perth… their names are Terri and Rhys.