Cita de Helado

Since 5-year-old María Pancha from my host family loves sweets, Zoe and I promised to take her on an ice cream date.  We ended up going to a gelatería down the road from my house.  It was owned by an Italian, who we became friends with during our stay in Puerto since we would talk with him on our way to and from Spanish class on a daily basis.  Here are some pictures of our “date,” and let me just add that María Paz is the most adorable child ever.

Zoe + María Paz: Gelatería bound.

María Paz with her chocolate gelato.  She lost a tooth earlier the same day and was excited to get money from the…well according to the tale here it’s a ratón (big rat) and not a tooth fairy that pays the visit.

The gelatería.

Guest appearance:  Hormiga!  One of our good friends from Carrizalillo.

We’re going to miss him!

The best dessert I have ever had in my entire life.  Affogato.  Why didn’t I know of its existence long ago?  Espresso over gelato.  Whoever decided to combine two of the greatest things on this earth to create one dessert knew what was up.  We ordered this one with pistachio gelato.

Well aren’t they just too cute?

And they get even cuter.

My little sister for two months.

Puerto besties.  Bonded over world travels, Spanish, and medical endeavors.

María Paz took my camera and had a mini photo shoot with our Italian friend.  This is one of about 15.

The crew.

Piggy-back home.

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