Doctora Tortilla

After spending nearly three weeks in medical clinics, what have I learned?  Well, in addition to learning the basic procedure such as weighing patients and taking pressure, I have learned to make tortillas.  What?  Handmade tortillas?  Sí, hecho de mano.  Here in Mexico, the doctors take long breaks for mealtime.  At around 9:30AM every morning in Copala, we headed to a traditional Mexican home where the doctor would eat anything from grasshoppers to pescado (fish).  Since the comal (traditional Mexican oven) was only feet away from the table we sat at, I was able to watch every day this past week.  I even got to test my tortilla-making skills.  So here are some photos from my try at Mexican cooking.

Here is la masa (basically dough made from maíz aka corn) sitting on the metate.

La tortilladora.  This is used to turn a ball of masa into a properly-shaped tortilla.

Aww yeah someone nailed the tortilla smashing first try (okay, I’ll admit that part is easy and I don’t think there’s any possible way to mess up).  Also, I don’t think the proper name for this process is “tortilla smashing.”

Removing the tortilla from the tortilladora: not an easy task.

So nervous, deep in thought.  The “oven” pictured here is called a comal and is used for cooking in traditional Mexican homes.

Please note:  Very poorly shaped and burnt tortilla that is already on the comal.  That was my first attempt (like I said, not easy).

Second attempt: success.

Ay, ¡muy caliente!  Y estoy feliz porque estuvo bien.


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