Exploring with my New Friends

After about a month of adventuring Puerto sola (not complaining), there are now other students for me to spend time with; three more girls and one guy.  When they got here (Saturday), we ate dinner with Sol and Roger (my host family), headed to Adoquin to peruse the artsy street vendors, and ended the night at Casa Babylon (so fun) and Barfly (let down).  On Sunday night, we walked from my house to Zicatela and took a bunch of photos.  Another bonus to new friends:  I have multiple photographers, which means I can be in my pictures.

Destination: Las playas.  Big drop to the right, but you cannot see it in this photo.

We were lovin’ the colors of the wall.

Dragon light… this doesn’t strike me as being traditional Mexican decor.

Look at how happy Mexico makes me.  Still enjoying every second.

Reflection in puddle: so artistic.

Walking along Playa Principal.

On top of the world.

Sand, endless colors, and sun; couldn’t ask for more.

My friend Zoe (one of the other students) from San Francisco.  Rocked her first surf class, so we got pictures with the sign.

Classic handstand on the beach pics (there are about 100 more where this came from).

So much fun.

Trying to avoid being consumed by the Zicatela current.

Making it out of Puerto’s most dangerous beach in one piece (but let’s be honest I was only knee-deep).

New friend Eli in deep thought about the sun.

Cool entrance to one of the restaurants in Zica.

On Saturday night, we spent a couple of hours at Casa Babylon getting to know each other while drinking mojitos (my new favorite).  We attempted conversation in Spanish, but quickly realized our vocabulary is limited, and switched to English.

Unintentional head tilt AKA wasn’t ready for this photo.  Regardless, the background is too cool to leave it out of this post.

We were all about this shade of…turquoise?  We made Eli take at least 15 pictures.

“Yo Eli, stand in front of those waves.”

I would love this on one of the walls in my room.

Handstanding on clases de surf.

And the handstand shenanigans continue.

Street art!

More street art.

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