First Night in Puerto

I arrived in Puerto around 3 yesterday.  Since my program did not start until today, I spent the night in a hostel/hotel called the Mayflower.  My room was on the top floor and had a beautiful view of the ocean.  It took me about an hour to settle into my room, and then I decided to take surf lessons since my host dad is the instructor!  That was my first time surfing, and I will definitely be doing a lot more of it.  I was able to stand up and surf the wave to shore a couple of times, but we mostly just practiced paddling and making it through the sets we didn’t want to surf.  There were two other girls taking lessons, and their names were Amanda (from Oregon) and Alicia (from Russia).  After surfing, we headed back to where the two were staying and ate watermelon and bananas and swam in their pool.  Later on, we met up with Angelo (one of the surf instructors) and we also met his friends.  They’re awesome and I cannot wait to spend more time with the people here.  I love it!

This is the view of the ocean from my room at the Mayflower.

Here’s a shot of my room.  I love the color and detail of the painting on the wall.

Closer view of the painting.

I felt an odd necessity to take a picture of the ceiling.  Not normal.

The desk in my room was right next to the window with a perfect view of the ocean.  Would have been perfect to relax and read my Vogue de México de Mayo but I was too busy surfing and making friends.

5 thoughts on “First Night in Puerto”

  1. Oh my goodness Ali this is so cool! I’m SO SO excited for you :) Good luck with everything and I’ll be checking back in a lot to see what you’re up to.

  2. This is such a great view for you to wake up to everyday!! What an awesome experience for you! Good luck to you with your surfing and program. Maybe you can teach me how to surf it up in the big ole Lake Michigan when you get back. haha

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