Good Start to Semana 5

No matter where you are in the world, Mondays are still the worst day of the week.  Luckily yesterday was not too rough, minus the fact that I realized my stay in Mexico is more than halfway over.  I started my day with some breakfast, which is provided by my host family every morning.  Pictured above is my favorite breakfast so far: omelette con tomaté y aguacate.  After eating, I went to el Centro de Salud in La Barra de Colotepec for four hours and later purchased Ángeles y Demonios to read and try to learn more Spanish.  I ended the day by going to the beach with the other students and speaking in Spanish, quickly studied some words I didn’t recognize while reading Angels and Demons, and drank two cafés at Cafecito with Zoe in Zicatela.

Adorable dish, seashell tray, and colorful towel to keep the flies away from my food until I woke up.  Normally I eat a bowl of cornflakes and a piece of fruit for breakfast.

When the other students went to Puerto Angelito after class, I decided to meet them there.  This is a picture from my walk.

Sat on the beach and spoke Spanish while surrounded by lanchas.

View of Playa Manzanillo from Puerto Angelito.

I need to go on a boat tour soon, but I have yet to check into pricing.  I’m pretty cheap when it comes to touristy things, because I’d rather  adventure without a guide.

I thought this was a nice shot of my future house.

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