Kushbu Boutique

Although I haven’t purchased too many things during my two months in Puerto Escondido, I found an adorable boutique in Zica where I spent a sufficient amount of money.  Most of the selection was handmade, super detailed, and from Chiapas (a state in the south of Mexico).  Here are some of the things I fell in love with and had to buy.

My new leather purse.  This looks similar to a Gucci bag I saw (and wanted, obviously) in Vogue awhile ago.  But I think $65 is more reasonable than $3,000.

My new wool backpack.

Closer view of my backpack.  Made by hand.

As soon as I saw this pillowcase, I knew I was going to buy it.  Although it cost around $130 (the most expensive thing I’ve purchased while here), it is completely made by hand.  I can’t wait to put it on my bed at home.

Close-up view of the detail.

Love the middle of the pillow.

Above are some pictures of the boutique itself.

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