La Barra de Colotepec

I spent the past two weeks in a Centro de Salud that is only about 20 minutes from my house by colectivo.  Here are some pictures from my time in La Barra.

Riding in the colectivo on the way home from el Centro de Salud.

A view of el río from the bridge between La Barra de Navidad and La Barra de Colotepec.

Nurse Ami, Doctora Antonia Vasquez, and I.

La doctora y yo.

Mojarra a la diabla.  Caught only hours before we ate it (never frozen) and purchased from the market.  ”Mojarra” is the type of fish, and it was prepared “a la diabla” meaning spicy.

El Centro de Salud.

Another view of the Centro de Salud.

Standing in front of el Centro de Salud.

The waiting area for the patients.

This is a middle school I passed by on my walk to el Centro.

View of outside from inside the Centro.

This is where all of the patient records are kept.

Supplies were kept here.

3 thoughts on “La Barra de Colotepec”

    1. Hmm…I’ve tried to think of a way to explain this in my posts, and I cannot think of a good way to describe it in a couple sentences. It looks like a taxi but operates like a bus system. I’ll do a post on colectivos with pictures later to try to explain it better!

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