La Vida Tranquila

One of my favorite words to use to describe the lifestyle in Puerto is “tranquila.”  It is more or less equivalent to the adjective “chill” in English.  In celebration of my last Friday in Puerto, I skipped going to the hospital and went to the beach (oops).  Sleeping on the sand, taking a break from the beach to eat fresh mahi mahi, and speaking Spanish with my local friends who hang at Carrizalillo daily; how much more tranquila does it get than that?  Here are some more pictures of Playa Carrizalillo, aka my second home during these past 2 months.

No sun and still beautiful (there was sun today, but this picture is from last weekend).

90 degrees and on the beach?  I would wear a sweatshirt too.

I’m going to miss having this 5 minutes from my house.

Las palapas.

Oh you know, just walking back to my towel from el mar.

Durrr.  Feelin’ good, lovin’ life.

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