Las sierras

One of my favorite “mini trips” during my time in Córdoba was a night with friends in Carlos Paz, a town located 1 hour west of Córdoba and on the western slope of las sierras chicas. As a Michigander, I love my time in aire libre. In other words, spending a day away from the noise of the city –mostly the people and cars who fill the streets in Córdoba– was a perfect escape. Rachel’s (another CFHI student) host family has a house along a river in the sierras and invited us to spend a night there para conocer more than just Nueva Córdoba. I tried my first asado, and it will probably be my last asado. I don’t like meat all that much, but I wanted to try an asado during my two months in Argentina, since it’s the country’s speciality.

Here are some pictures from my day in Carlos Paz.

IMG_8537 IMG_8535Amazing view from the backyard. We were lucky to have such a beautiful day because rain had been typical during the past few weeks.

IMG_8536The house and my friends. Bien argentino, ¿no?

IMG_8510Necessary picture, because this was EXACTLY how I had imagined Argentina before arriving. Rivers, wine, and horses.

IMG_8522 IMG_8523El asador haciendo asado!

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