Mis últimas aventuras con Zoe

Since I had a flight delay in DF, I wrote a couple of final Puerto posts while waiting for my flight.  So here they are, 10 days late.  But hey, better late than never.

The second month of my program was an absolute blast, thanks to the fact that Zoe came to Mexico.  We spent all of our time out of class and the clinics adventuring the town and finding the gems of Puerto.  Even up to our last couple of days, we continued discovering new things.  But that doesn’t mean our touring of Puerto is over; the adventure is on hold for now since we’re returning to the states, but it’s just the beginning.

Zoe’s “mom” Queta ran a restaurant in the front of her house.  She had a lot of customers, and she also provided all of the food for the employees in the Puerto airport.  Here’s Zoe eating a traditional Mexican lunch.

Zoe doesn’t like nopales, so I got her salad.  Win.  Nopales are a type of cactus.  It’s really gooey (maybe slimy is a better word) and different than any other kind of food I’ve ever tried.

View from the restaurant to the patio in Zoe’s homestay.

You can’t see it too well, but I’m wearing an interesting headband I bought with worry dolls glued to the top.

On the wall at the Santa Fe hotel.

Checking out the art in the Santa Fe hotel shop.

“Buy art, not cocaine.”  Zoe found this, took this picture, asked, “¿Cuántos cuesta?” and found out it wasn’t for sale.  We need to find this somewhere else because I like it too.

How cute is she?  Rockin’ her mochila de cuero that she bought from Kushbu.

Interesting-looking things in a sitting area near the pool.  I think they have something to do with growing coffee, because the hotel sold Finca Las Nieves coffee and offered tours of a coffee plantation two hours away from Puerto.  We wanted to go, but were told that the roads to the plantation were blocked after the hurricane.

Walking up to the restaurant.  Check out those stairs.

Holes and dirt give Vans character.

Staying at this hotel for at least a night when I come back to Puerto (I say only a night because, if possible, I’d want to rent from the same host family again).

Lazy Sunday: books + frappé with Bailey’s.

Black coffee + blog-updating.

View from the restaurant.  So close to the ocean.  Also note how close that helicopter is to the beach.  Not sure who they were or what they were doing.

Vegetable soup.

We thought this sign was cool.

Walking back home on the carretera.

There are people everywhere selling drinks and food from push-carts.  I love this picture because it captures something that is so typical of the daily life in Puerto Escondido; walking by these carts and hearing, “¡Amiga! Jugo, tacos, paletas, helado,” and anything of the sort.

Our favorite color!  Needless to say, we couldn’t walk past this door without at least taking a picture.

We found this arrangement of stickers on an old VW Bug and thought it was super chido.

Walking out of the ocean after 2 hours of surf.  I wanted to go but had Spanish class.  Jealous.

Get it gurl.

Zoe’s family threw her a despedida (going away party), and they hung up balloons all over the patio.

Estelle big chillin’.

Kelly + Zoe.

Zoe and her host mom Queta.

Mojito at Mangoes.


2 thoughts on “Mis últimas aventuras con Zoe”

  1. Hi Ali: I so enjoyed your Puerto posts when you were in Mexico and tonite before I soon get ready to tell you “good bye” again, I decided to connect with you once more via your posts. I was so delighted to see some I hadn’t seen before. What a great photo and commentary conclusion. You practically glow in your pictures and explanations and I praise the Lord that your adventure was above and beyond your expectations. You go back to U of M a different young woman I think. Each time I view your favorite color in the samples you brought from the textile factory I will think of you. :-) Thanks, Ali. grmvb

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