Le Café du Marché

Since I visit Cafecito almost daily, I decided it was time to spice up my Puerto coffee drinking experience and find a new cafe.  While visiting the Benito Juarez market to buy fruit with Zoe earlier this past week, we noticed a cafe settled between pastelerías towards the right and juguerías on the left.  Curious and surprised to see such an adorable Euro-style cafe in a traditional Mexican market, we walked over to check out what the menu had to offer.

The menu had a minimalistic, professional style.  We were also given a glass of water when we sat down.  Something that seems so standard in the states, but this is the first time I have been given complementary water with a meal during my stay in Puerto.

Adorable chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.  $10 (pesos) each.

A view of the cafe.  Zoe and I loved the colorful candles with skeletons in the top left corner of the photo.  We asked where we could purchase some but learned they’re only sold around November for El Día de Los Muertos (el 2 de noviembre).

Zoe started her day with this adorable (and delicious… she let me try a bite) cupcake.

My espresso…mmm.

The cafe owner making some more cupcakes.  She said she opened the business a year ago, and it has been a huge success.  She is from Montreal, and we witnessed her speak 3 languages in our hour there.  She had a conversation in French with one customer, she told Zoe and I about her cafe in Spanish, and she chatted with an Australian in English.

While we were drinking espresso and eating cupcakes, two men from the policia walked up and looked at the menu.  After a couple minutes of pretending like they were going to buy coffee (real suave, chicos), they asked Zoe and I to take a picture with them.  Clearly the espresso helped me wake up.  Kidding, this is just a bad picture.  However, it’s the only one I have with my new friend Alberto, so I can’t leave it out.

Group photo!  Julio y Alberto de la policia federal.  This photo is just as bad as the previous, but once again, too funny to leave out.

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