Mexican textiles:  something that grabbed my attention as soon as I arrived in Puerto.  Tablecloths, curtains, placemats to name a few.  Where do they come from?  How are they made?  Luckily, my friend Zoe found the source of these staple pieces of home decor:  Mantelería Santo Domingo.

The outside of the mantelería.  Mantel means tablecloth, and a mantelería is a place where tablecloths are made/sold.

The sign outside the mantelería.

So many options.

Muchas servilletas (placemats).

Zoe and I with our manteles.  I watched the employees hand stitch the detail around the edge of the tablecloth.  There were about 4 people surrounding it, and each person executed a slightly different stitch, completing the blanket in an “assembly line” manner.

In love.

This is the “machine” that is used to make the fabric.  It’s human-powered, not electric.

Ready to fight.  This kid started hitting me with his little toy truck.

Mantel-making in action.


Lovin’ it.

Close-up of an unfinished tablecloth.

Crazy thought: my tablecloth started out looking like this.

One thought on “Mantelería”

  1. Thanks to you and Zoe for this good find–the textile store and the story behind the creation of the beautiful tablecloths, etc.
    I love the warm colors and hearing about the man powered looms and the hand decorated edges and can’t wait to see the one you purchased.

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