Marinero to Zica with the Student Crew

Walking home from class along Boulevard Benito Juarez while loving how dark the sky was.

All of the taxis and colectivos in Puerto look like the car in this picture.

Estelle!  We weren’t sure what type of tree this was, but the flowers were beautiful enough to require a picture.

These odd-looking flowers were growing on the bark of this tree.  Not only are they super ugly… they smell horrible too.

This is where I buy my magazines:  Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire.  ¡Todos en español!

Eli and Estelle in the colectivo on our way to Zica.

Zoe and I in the colectivo on the way to Zica.

Out the back of the colectivo.

Near a restaurant in Playa Marinero.

Walking down Playa Marinero and enjoying la puesta del sol (sunset).

The crew walking down Playa Marinero.

We saw some fútbol action en la playa.

The locals love their fútbol.

My friend Zoe loving some Playa Marinero.

Zoe and I at Playa Marinero.

Estelle in Playa Marinero.

This is getting a bit repetitive, but here’s Eli at Playa Marinero.

Sign at Zica with the rules of the beach.

I was trying to climb the rocks to get a picture with the hands in Zicatela.

Rock climbing attempt = success.

I was having too much fun with this.

Fun fact:  I managed to make it down the rocks without falling.

Running to catch up with the crew and avoid getting my shoes wet from another wave.

Adorable restaurant called Sativa in Zicatela.  So far I’ve only been here for drinks, but the food looks delicious so Zoe and I decided we are going to go back for dinner soon.

Zoe and I at Sativa.

Estelle and Zoe with their mojito and martini, ¡salud!

My drink: té de manzanilla.  How fun am I?  Oh well, there’s nothing better than ending the day with a nice tea.



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