Mendoza – Day 1

When planning a trip to Mendoza, the first question to ask yourself is, “Plane or omnibus?” One significant detail led Margaret and I to choose flying from Córdoba to Mendoza; the one-hour flight is about 9 hours shorter than the bus ride and only costs about $100 more.

Eager for our first day in Argentina’s wine country, Margaret and I woke up at 6:00 am to make our way to the Córdoba International Airport and catch our plane to Mendoza. Spending $200 for a plane ticket –rather than around $90 on a bus–was worth saving 18 hours of travel time.

In Mendoza, we stayed at Hostel Suites, which coincidentally and conveniently was located right across from the Mercado Central. The market was already on my “Mendoza to-do list,” since it was one of many recommendation in my Argentina guidebook.

Our first Mendoza destination: the plazas.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.37.07 PM

Each of the green areas in this map are plazas. The largest plaza –Plaza Independencia– is located in the center. Plaza Chile, Plaza Italia, Plaza España, and Plaza San Martín surround Plaza Independencia.


The fountain in Plaza Chile.


I liked the lights in Plaza Independencia.

Second stop: Lunch.

After plaza-seeing, we were ready for some grub. However, since Argentina’s eating schedule is a bit different than what we’re used to at home, most of the restaurants were closed until 6:00 at night, making it a bit hard to find somewhere to eat. Luckily, we stumbled upon an adorable café –Petrona– while walking around. Here are some of the pictures from our lunch.



Tetera con detalles crochet. I want to learn how to make this, because it’s so adorable! IMG_2325

Tostadas con queso, berenjena y tomate. Delicious and would be so easy to make!

Third destination: The park.

After refueling our bodies during lunch, we made our way to Mendoza’s Parque General San Martín to see the famous Cerro de la Gloria, a monument in honor of the Cruce de los Andes by el Ejército de los Andes. It was quite a long journey to the monument (a couple of hours of walking) but most definitely worth it!


Found possible future place of residence on the walk to the park. High five!IMG_8964

Thought the shape of this house we saw on the way to the park was cool and unique. IMG_8967

Love this VW van. Also love the Argentina license plate on the front.IMG_8969

Another view of possible future home.

IMG_8977 IMG_8976The entrance to Parque General San Martín.

IMG_8979After entering the gates to Parque General San Martín.

IMG_8987 IMG_8988Some other findings throughout our walk in el Parque.

IMG_9007Saw this parrot perched on the gate to el Zoológico de Mendoza located at the bottom of the paths up to Cerro de la Gloria.

IMG_9023View from the trek up los senderos. Note to self (and others): do not wear sandals. I slipped a couple of times.

IMG_9021 IMG_9029Some of the photos from our trek up the foothills of the Andes. The view became more beautiful with each step.

IMG_9040Cerro de la Gloria – finally made it to the monument!

IMG_9044Tired horses on one side of the statue representing how exhausted the men and horses of el Ejército de los Andes were after embarking on the Cruce de los Andes to free Chile and Peru.

IMG_9032More recognition of men involved in the war efforts.


IMG_9058 IMG_9055In addition to Cerro de la Gloria, we saw this crazy monkey. Thinking (and hoping) he escaped from the nearby zoo. He’s too domesticated to be silvestre, I think.

Fourth stop: Mercado Central.

After spending hours in the wild, Margaret and I made our way back to town. Since the market had been closed from 1-5pm during “siesta time,” we decided to make a trip and check it out before dinner. The following are a few pictures from the market.

IMG_9067Meat and cheese vendor.

IMG_9068“Little claws.” Or chicken feet. IMG_9069Tuna and sea bass.

IMG_9070Various forms of calamari. IMG_9066IMG_9071

Purchased some grapes as a pre-dinner snack. I mean, that’s why we were in Mendoza, right? For the grapes.

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