My Obsession with the Market Continues

Since it’s only about 8 blocks away from my house, I frequent the Benito Juarez Market.  There are endless amounts of fruits and vegetables to choose from, juguerías to buy freshly-made juice, other vendors that sell handmade goods, pescadores that sell fish caught less than 24 hours ago, and so much more.  Pictured above is the first whole papaya I have ever purchased.  And yes, it was just as delicious as it looks.

My purchases from a Saturday morning trip to the market:  tomatoes, bananas, a red pepper, a yellow pepper, jalapeños peppers, habañero peppers, an onion, avocados, cantaloupe, papaya, mangoes, cilantro, an apple, and peaches.

On my way to the market, I thought this old, bright-blue car was oddly adorable.  Adorable enough for a picture.

Umm, you spelled Michigan wrong…

Trying a rambutan. It looked more like a deflated, maroon blowfish than a fruit…but when the vendor cut it open for me to try, it was surprisingly delicious.

Bought una bolsa de mango y piña at the mercado for a snack.  Fruits are eaten with a mixture of chile and salt here in Mexico.  I liked the chile aspect, but there was way too much salt mixed in with the chile powder.  This was definitely the first time in my life that eating fruit has made me thirsty.

Nommin’ on my fruits.

So many peppers!

My mango + pineapple + chile combination.

Piles of piña.

Eating frutas under an awning that says frutas.

Decided to take a picture with this camel at a nearby hostel because the painting was cool.

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