Partera Part II

During our last week of class, the other students and I made another visit to the local partera (midwife).  She wasn’t home the last time we went, but this time we lucked out and got to meet her.  Here are some more pictures of her, where she lives, and where she attends to her “patients.”

The partera gives medicinal plants to the mothers and their newborns.  All of the plants are grown in her yard, completely organic.

The partera overlooking the river behind her house.

This was the wall of one of the neighbor’s houses.  How this survived Hurricane Carlotta, I’m not entirely sure.

Students with the partera.

Following the partera and listening (well, trying to understand) everything she was saying about her plants and yerbas.

Check out that hair.  She would twist it and set it on top of her head when we were sitting and listening about her experiences as the only partera in Puerto Escondido.

Obtain medical plants: mission accomplished.

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