Paseo de las artes

My favorite part of Córdoba? El paseo de las artes. What is El paseo de las artes? It’s basically a weekly arts market (every Saturday and Sunday) filled with cordobese artists who make anything from hand-bound journals and glass blown elephant pendants to ceramic mugs and ornately-carved mates de calabaza. The market is relatively large, as vendors post up along streets between la cañada and la calle Belgrano. I could easily spend hours wandering in and out of the alleyways that reveal hidden tiendas full of handcrafted gems, but money and suitcase space limit how much I can purchase. I can proudly say I’ve visited El paseo nearly every weekend that I’ve been in Córdoba, and I cannot wait to show my friend Margaret this Argentine gem when she arrives in Córdoba this Sunday!

Here are some fotos from mis paseos por el paseo:



Jake was súper contento with his cake purchase. Rightfully so. He let me have some, and it truly was delish.

IMG_8454 - Version 2This adorable woman sells baked goods in El paseo. I have seen her at the market every time I have visited, and her treats seem to be very popular with the locals. There is always a line of people who are waiting to buy her tortas caseras (homemade cakes) and other delicious treats!

IMG_8457 IMG_8458

This craft is one of the most memorable from all of my visits to the Paseo. The vendor takes the tool shown in the top center of the above picture to carve away parts of coins from around the world and turn them into beautiful pendants. I purchased a pendant made from a $10 (ARG peso) coin that is no longer in circulation.

IMG_8459 IMG_8477



There are always kittens and puppies available for (free) adoption in the Paseo.IMG_8466I’m not sure what it is, but I am obsessed with succulents and other adorable little plants. I would buy this whole arrangement if it weren’t impossible to transport back to los EEUU.

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  1. I would love to go to that Street Art Show. You should be able to come back with a lot of new ideas !! The coin art was very interesting. I will be interested in all your ideas when you come home. Have fun with Margaret !!!! Love You !!!!

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