On Saturday, the other students and I went for a fishing trip en una lancha (boat).  We had to wake up at 6:30AM to head out on the water and try to catch some lunch.  It was an amazing experience, and I realized how much I miss boats.

So early, so tired.  But ready to go.

Cool art on one of the boats.

We found this fish near shore before leaving.

Coolest fish ever.

The crew all aboard la lancha.

Reeling in our first fish.

¡Átun! (Tuna)

Yes, he jumped on/captured this sea turtle.

Turtle wrestling.

Juan: 1, Sea turtle: 0.

Real life: I was 1 foot away from a sea turtle.

And I embraced it too.

Decided to swim with it.  We saw a bunch of little jellyfish in the water, so I was a little scared at first.  But then I thought about how mad I would be at myself if I didn’t jump in.  Because how often do I get the chance to swim with sea turtles?  It was a good choice because we managed to make it out of the water with only one jellyfish sting each.  Our fishermen friends referred to it as “mal agua,” meaning bad water.

Snuggin’ in the front of the boat because there was no sun and it was 8AM, so I was a little chilly.

Cool view of one of the other lanchas.

Hanging out with the catch of the day.

Couldn’t wait for our fish taco lunch feast.

Juan: surfer, fisherman, sea turtle slayer, and chef.  The coolest!

One step closer to lunch.

There we go.

Watching in awe.  I still couldn’t believe I was going to eat fresh fish tacos with fish that we caught ourselves.

I’m only including this picture because I laugh every time I look at it.

Chef Juan preparing the fish.

Oscar, wonderful pescado chef #2.

Oh so beautiful.

Zoe preppin’ the taco toppings.  We also had freshly made corn tortillas.

We tried some of the tuna sushi-style.  It was delicious.

Fresh limes, straight off the tree in front of the house.

Árbol de limón.

Just eating some lechuga.

Estaba platicando con los chefs.

6 thoughts on “Pescadores”

  1. Words alone would never allow us to join in your fishing/turtle adventure like these candid photos (and your words) did. Your pics are so “alive” and your writing skills are showing too. Thanks for taking us along, Ali. It was so much fun to sort of “be there” Grmvb

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