I’m AVB. I like chill music, painting, ceramics, painting ceramics, the human body, San Pelligrino, dark coffee sans cream&sugar, tandem bikes, manual cars, boats, science, catchy mixtapes, questioning things, walking at 8am, cooking with my grandma, crafting with my other grandma, and traveling.

I recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish, and I plan to attend Medical School this upcoming fall (Aug. 2014). I love surrounding myself with other motivated and curious individuals, and I enjoy learning from and being inspired by people I meet, stories I hear and things I experience. With so many sources of inspiration and knowledge in everyday life, it’s easy to forget minute details from day to day. In hopes of holding onto these details and the little things that make me smile, I am using this blog as a tool to document, reflect and share my experiences and thoughts. I love hearing feedback from anyone who visits my site, so please feel free and encouraged to comment.

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