Sunny Day Stroll

A couple weekends back, Rachel and I walked through Nueva Córdoba to take some pictures, enjoy the fresh air, and get some sun. We started out near Paseo del Buen Pastor, made our way to Plaza San Martín, and ended up near el Colegio de Monserrat. We were lucky to have such a beautiful day. Here are some pictures to prove it!


Statue in el Paseo del Buen Pastor that needed to calm down.handstand–buenpastor

Handstands at Paseo del Buen Pastor!


This is the Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón – Padres Capuchinos (Iglesia de los Capuchinos). My personal favorite of all the churches I have seen in Córdoba.


This is another view of the front of the church.


After spending time near el Paseo de Buen Pastor and Iglesia de los Capuchinos (the two sites are side-by-side), we made our way to Iglesia Catedral de Córdoba (above). gate–iglesiaSM

The gates to the church.foto–por–keyhole

Tried to take an artistic photo through the key hole of the door below. Didn’t turn out nearly as cool as I’d hoped.door3I love these doors.

lion-door–smClose-up of the lion on the front door.

latern–sm–iglesiaI love how intricate this chandelier is.

ceiling–smLove this church ceiling.

Church in sidewalkSeveral weeks after my visit to la Iglesia Catedral de Córdoba with Rachel, my Spanish profa showed us that the white bricks in the sidewalk in front of the church compose an image; a reflection of the church. Can you see it? Take a minute to admire how well it lines up with the shadow as well. I took this foto from the neighboring building, el Centro Cultural Cabildo Histórico.

arches–sanmartinOne view of Cabildo.

arches-front–smAnother view. Love the repetitive structure and Argentine flags.

geraniumsLoved the contrast of these bright-red geraniums and the dull, white edificio. This was taken between el Cabildo and la Iglesia Catedral on Pasaje Santa Catalina.

plazasanmartin–alleyThe view down Pasaje Santa Catalina.

After visiting the church and cultural center, we made our way into Plaza San Martín.

plazasanmartin-statueThis is the statue in the middle of the plaza. The plaza is located one minute from ICC (the school where I take Spanish classes). We have two 20-minute breaks during our 4-hour classes, so Plaza San Martín is always a good place to enjoy some fresh air.

indep-streetsignI love how this street sign was made of multiple tiles and placed onto a building. A nice change from reflective green signs with white lettering.

banderaargentinaLast stop of the day: Colegio Nacional de Monserrat. “Colegio” is equivalent to “high school.” This tends to be confusing for English-speakers, since the word is so similar to “college.”

door-famosaThe famous door of el Colegio de Monserrat. I love this door.

door2Another beautiful door del Colegio.

colegio–ladoA different view of el Colegio de Monserrat.

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