Villa General Belgrano & La Cumbrecita

Last weekend, Jake and I decided to take a trip to La Cumbrecita, a small pedestrian town in a valley of the sierras. We met at the bus terminal at 9:30AM to buy our bus tickets but encountered a small problem; there were not any buses that traveled directly to La Cumbrecita. That said, our what-we-thought-would-be-2-hour bus trip turned into a 5 hour ordeal. We had to take our first bus from Córdoba to Villa General Belgrano and the second from there to La Cumbrecita. When arriving in Villa General Belgrano, we learned that the next bus to La Cumbrecita would leave in 2 hours. 2 hours?! Ay.

Luckily, it was a beautiful day, and the 2-hour “layover” (if you can call it that) turned out to be a blessing. Villa General Belgrano happens to be a mini German town on the east side of the province of Córdoba. Some residents and friends had previously recommended that I travel to Villa General Belgrano, so it was nice to be able to spend 2 hours getting to know this little cordobese gem.


Villa General Belgrano’s idea of a city sign? I dig.


I appreciated the craftsmanship required for making these street signs.IMG_8567

Where’s Waldo? I mean Jake. Can you find him? I hope so. He’s One of 4 featured in this photo. I liked the flags that decorated this alleyway. And Jake, of course!
IMG_8574Restaurant sign that I liked.

After 2 hours of boludeando in Villa General Belgrano, Jake and I made our way back to the bus terminal and boarded a bus to La Cumbrecita. When we arrived, we reserved our bus for the ride back so that we would make it back to Villa General Belgrano in time to catch the last bus back to Córdoba. Good idea on our part because later there were a lot of sad travelers who didn’t know they had to make their reservations and couldn’t board the bus .

As I mentioned above, La Cumbrecita is a pedestrian town. Cars are prohibited and visitors enter the city by crossing a bridge by foot.

IMG_8583This is the view from the bridge that enters the town.

peatonalThis sign, meaning pedestrian (the adjective form), was placed at the end of the bridge. The noun form of pedestrian is “peatón.”

IMG_8604La Olla – A popular Argentine hangout on a sunny day.
IMG_8602The vista down the river taken at La Olla. IMG_8619A waterfall called “La Boca del Diablo.” Another popular hangout on a sunny day.
IMG_8645The wet climate provides good growing grounds for these hongos. Apparently they have hallucinogenic properties if prepared right. A local showed us a wikipedia page about them on her phone, but I didn’t take note of the name.IMG_8652

This is the view of the La Cumbrecita from the highest point in the town.IMG_8648 IMG_8647 IMG_8649Loved escaping the city for a day to be surrounded by the sun and by all of these colors.IMG_8670Magical moss-covered escaleras.

One thought on “Villa General Belgrano & La Cumbrecita”

  1. Love all the pictures. Beautiful country. I am sure it was good to get out in the country to see the beautiful scenery instead of looking at high rise buildings. Love, Grandma

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