Walk to Zicatela

There is no better way to end my day than going for a walk with my iPod or my camera or both… y nada más.  Here are some photos from my walk starting at my house and ending at the beginning of Zicatela, the famous beach of Puerto Escondido.

In love with the colors here:  clothing, building, ads… everything.

So far away from home, but I can still find that maize and blue.  Another thing that slipped my mind until now:  the first day I arrived to Puerto [during my first surf lesson] there was a fisherman about 15 feet away from me wearing a Umich jersey.  I’m in a small, middle-of-nowhere surf town and see a Umich shirt the first day I get here?  Crazy.

I love paintings, boats, and oceans.  Clearly I’m in the right place.

Más lanchas (boats).  I have yet to go on a tour, but the plan is to go to Mazunte this Thursday to see some tortugas with my friend Julia from Germany.

Hand-painted cerveza ad on the side of a restaurant.

Lanchas, lanchas, y más lanchas.

Dedicated to the fishermen lost at sea.

View of la Playa Principal.

Not really sure what this is.  Some sort of bridge that looked mysterious, so I decided it would make a good photo.

I want the orange bike for shenanigans back in Michigan.  I miss my tandem.

Una sirena.  I love mermaids, but I think it’s partially due to my obsession with Starbucks.  As much as I miss my venti Americanos with an inch of extra hot steamed soy and sugar-free cinnamon dolce, it’s been nice not spending so much money on coffee. The lifestyle here has been so refreshing:   it’s all about meeting and getting inspired by new people, learning about other cultures, and learning español.

Why yes, I do indeed like boats (that’s why they’re in just about every photo).

View from la Playa Marinero.

The rocks between Marinero and Zicatela.

More colors and hand-painted walls.  Plus the sand and the ocean.  Four great things in one picture.

This interesting (well I don’t know what to call it so we’re going to go with hut) hut is between Marinero and Zicatela.  Does someone live here?  Honestly, I have no idea but would like to know the answer to that question.

The beginning of Zicatela, coming from Playa Marinero.

Walking up el Mirador to get a better view (and picture) of Zicatela.

View of la Playa Principal from el Mirador.

View of Zicatela from el Mirador.

I swear the waves look bigger than 2 inches when you see them in person.


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