Week in Copala

As of today, it has been three weeks since my arrival to Puerto Escondido.  Where did the time go?  Only 5 more weeks, and I wish I had so much more time to explore.  My typical day consists of waking up around 6:30AM to eat breakfast, catching a colectivo to the clinic, observing the doctor for the morning, returning home, going to Spanish class, then siesta (aka nap).  And the occasional fiesta of course.  This week, my assigned Centro de Salud was located in a pueblo about an hour from Puerto Escondido.  The ride there included weaving back and forth through mountains on bumpy roads when it was about 100°F+ outside.  In other words, I never felt the greatest after the trip to or from Copala.

José, Dr. Rolando, and I walked down to the river to see if there were any mosquito larva.  Dengue and malaria are a threat to the locals. Although malaria is somewhat rare, dengue is common during the temporada de lluvia (rainy season).

Another view of the water we were inspecting.

Dr. Rolando walking towards El Centro de Salud.

Another view of el Centro de Salud.

The people of Copala live in houses like this.

Palm leaf roof.

There are animals wandering EVERYWHERE.  Pollitos, roosters, and some of the ugliest dogs I’ve ever seen…

Thank god there are mango trees everywhere.  My favorite fruit is so cheap (and often free) here.

Anillo (ring) – This is where the bullfights are held during los días de festivo (holidays).

We went to the cemetery to drain the water that was in flower pots that people had left near the graves.  We removed the water to prevent mosquitos from reproducing there and eventually causing Dengue fever.

I am still so in love with colorful pottery.

One of the consultorios.

Another consultorio.